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30 September 2020 - 7 October 2020
VIRTUAL , United States
Meet Britain's Most Innovative Immersive Tech Businesses

Cooperative Innovations

Offering licensing for its proprietary tools for the efficient creation of high quality immersive worlds and full body avatars, Cooperative Innovations also creates innovative content, with projects in the media, gaming, architectural, automotive and creative art sectors. Their game title, Spaceteam VR releases Spring 2020 for Playstation, PC and Quest. Seeks to license technology to US firms.


Currently delivering exceptional VR training solutions to the maritime, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, construction and industrial sectors, Digitalnauts is developing HoloHub, an award-winning, highly efficient and scaleable VR content creation and delivery platform. Seeks Series A funding.

Focal Point VR

With a range of very high quality 360 and stereo camera rigs with live headset preview, complemented by its Ubiety live streaming technology, Focal Point VR can provide wet/dry equipment solutions as well as the development of custom applications for immersive AR/VR experiences delivered live or via broadcast. Offers products and services.

The Forever Project

The Forever Project creates voice interactive video encounters with people’s heroes, allowing global fans to connect with the people they love, 24/7, 365 days a year. Giving talent new ways to monetize their brand, these encounters can be voice-interactive mobile Q&As; life-size 3D or holographic encounters; or  meetings in immersive VR. Our multi-platform approach, available in multiple languages, allows us to deliver conversational media to a global market. Current partners include Premier League Soccer clubs, major recording label and blue chip cultural institutions. Seeks seed funding, IP owners, brands, high quality talent partners, distributors and publishers.


The world leader in the deployment of AR humans, over mobile, at speed and scale, Beem’s technology allows businesses to connect with their customers, and individuals to communicate with each other, with greater realism and personal impact. Seeks Series A funding.

i2 media research limited

A leading consumer insight, UX and R&D consultancy, i2media research now makes its expertise widely available through the launch of its simple, reliable, online Immersive Audience Impact Metric tool.  With a better understanding of their content’s strengths and weaknesses in impact, engagement and emotional response as compared to other evaluated products, clients can make evidence-based pricing and product decisions. Offers products and consulting services.


A spatial audio start-up whose founders have created award-winning 3D film and location-based experiences for clients including LucasFilm, Google, Adidas and projects including The Philharmonia Orchestra at SXSW and Cosmos within Us, MagicBeans is leading the 18-month Volumetric Audio Synthesis for Augmented Reality (VASAR) project to improve next-gen audio experiences. MagicBeans, with partners Warner Music and Huddersfield University, aims to significantly improve the capture and reproduction of high-resolution volumetric audio for 6DOF experiences. Seeks technology partners/collaborators. Offers services.


With a platform that allows for a live holographic cast, audience interaction and impossible worlds, Megaverse’s theatrical VR platform delivers large scale immersive productions that bring actors in one location to audiences worldwide. Seeks technology partners and Series A investors.

Reflex Arc

Award-winning software developers building VR, AR and location-based experiences for clients worldwide, Reflex Arc has created immersive and collaborative experiences for education, health, city planning, data visualization and entertainment, including work on the Jurassic World VR Expedition. Offers services and seeks project/technology partners.

ScanLAB Projects

We believe in the stories we tell and are keen to help you tell yours. We digitize the world using 3D laser scanning -- turning spaces, events and objects into compelling digital experiences. We capture content at all scales, from microscopic seeds to vast landscapes, and use our own sophisticated point cloud render engine to render in realtime and offline. We've told important stories, revealing the location of mass graves at former concentration camps and uncovering new Mayan Pyramids in the Guatemalan Jungle. We make discoveries that are impossible with a traditional camera. Clients include the BBC, National Geographic, The New York Times, Nike, XL Recordings and brands. We made Justin Timberlake’s latest tour visuals! Offering services and seeks collaborative partners.

Sugar Creative

With a reputation for high quality creative across disciplines, Sugar is an award-winning market leader specializing in innovative emerging technology realizations, including AR, MR and VR. With partners ranging from Dr. Seuss, OSMO, Toyota, Allianz, BBC, AArdman (Wallace & Gromit) as well as pioneering entrepreneurs and artists, our team creates creates outcomes that redefine the interactive narrative experience. Seek to connect with brands, IP owners, agencies, publishers and creatives.

Titan Reality® Ltd

Titan Reality® develops 3D controllers with AI, Immersive and Spatial Computing applications. www.indream.io Titan Reality®'s immersive prop tech division Indream™ designs, builds and operates immersive technology environments for high-tech commercial properties. Seeks seed funding, distribution partners and offers services.

To Play For (Charisma.ai)

Powered by AI, Charisma is a new graphic novel app that puts audience inside the story, talking to characters, influencing the plot and changing the way stories are told. Already in use by the BBC, at SXWW, Charisma will unveil its interactive graphic novel platform and announce its first adapted titles and a new interactive drama produced for Sky. Get a sneak peek in SF! Seek writers, artists and IP owners who want to create fantastic new stories in this new story form as well as distribution partners and publishers.

Valkyrie Industries

Valkyrie’s wearable suit unlocks new content creation tools for developers by allowing users to explore virtual space and enabling a new touch interaction engine combined with full body tracking to take immersive technology one step closer to ultimate immersion. With initial users in the hazardous heavy industries, including space, automotive and construction, Valkryrie’s patented technology allows everyone to create highly realistic immersive environments. Seeks Series A funding, technology partners and clients.


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